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gay porn

2010-05-18 00:05:00 by SuperSuperKLC


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2010-05-18 00:28:19

Two nights ago, I was watching my favorite anime in my basement, and I got real hard watching this one scene and my cock got so fucking stiff. I tried to bring it down, but it didn't work, so I started jacking off and accidentally came all over my pillow of my waifu, Rangiku Matsumoto (she is fucking hot). While doing this, it felt as though I was about to shit myself. Since it was pretty hard, I decided to try to stuff it back in and hold it by sticking my finger up my asshole. It felt real good doing this, so I did what anybody would do, I started wriggling my finger around in there. More I did it the better I felt. My dick got even harder than before and I stuck three fingers in there. I wriggled and wriggled them in there and shat and came everywhere. It was the best orgasm I've had since I drugged this cheerleader and used her unconscious body to feed my sick fetishes. It's kinda funny that that same cheerleader I drugged and fucked is now my roommate.

The day after, I went even further as to stick my stoner roomate's bong halfway up my anus. Her bong is like ten inches long. It felt so fucking awesome that I got real horny. I was so fucking horny that not even jacking off helped my cock go down. I NEEDED TO FUCK SOMETHING. My roomate came in while I was having this lust/hunger for fuck, she was half naked because she came back from this poker game and they were doing strip poker and she wanted to leave before she got her big black prize. She was wearing a hemp bra and hemp panties, and they weren't made really well. It was dried up way too much so it had lots of holes, exposing some of her cooch and boobs. I couldn't help but jump on her and fuck every hole she had, and when she was outta holes, I starded cumming on her feet and hands and ears and stuff. After I came on her she told me she had a secret. I asked her what it was and she pulled out a penis cleverly hidden in a part of her butt crack my dick couldn't reach. She told me how we both know how good it feels giving it, but I don't know how taking it feels and she forced me onto the ground, opened my butthole and shoved her dick up my butt. It's true, it doesn't feel as good taking it in as it is giving it to someone. I liked it, but it's pretty uncomfortable afterwards. I can still feel her cum in my butt. I got back by shitting in her bong so the next time she smokes some weed, she'll stink even more.

Later this morning I asked my bros at the coffee shop if I was gay for having a cock in me even though it was a girl's. They all said it was pretty gay. I enjoyed ass play and I kinda enjoyed taking a big meaty dick up my ass too (the cum was the only bad part) so I want to know. Is getting a chick dick up the ass gay, because if it is, I'm never fucking my shemale roommate again. Even though she is pretty hot.


2010-05-18 03:47:05

I would say, not gay.


2011-06-16 08:24:16

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